Well folks, I haven't read the books (though I've tried), but the movies are entertaining. 
(Also, my little sister is a super fan and it's so fun to enjoy things with friends.)

So, in case you haven't noticed, the trailer is out!

I know how this saga ends, but, it's intriguing to watch Bella's life be torn by her unlikely lovers.

I'm still rooting for Ed. :D

ps. anyone else excited about Bryce Howard being the new Victoria?

Robert's review of his favorites....part TWO!!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone through The Half-Blood Prince

These six movies are the absolute most phenomenal pieces of filmmaking I have ever seen. Think about it, how many other franchises can make six movies and have all of them be fun, exciting, extremely successful, touching, humorous, and timeless? I submit that nobody else has yet! Sure, the Land Before Time has made 45 sequels, but who has seen them all, let alone enjoyed them? These movies have some of the funnest characters I have seen. They're all so different and have grown so much over the years. It is also amazing that the movies have managed to keep the same characters since the early 2000s (excluding the Richard Harris Dumbledore...who died). That shows absolute dedication to making amazing films.

The bottom line is these movies are part of the greatest franchise ever created, and they are still due for two more releases which, I'm positive, will close the series on the most positive note ever.


Robert's review of his favorites....part ONE!!


Up is one of my absolute favorite films. Why? Well, I'll tell you. I have watched it at least five times and there has NEVER been a time where I have watched it and did not feel happy and warm inside. This film is all heart, man!!! The story is interesting. The peril is perilous, and the dogs are so hilarious and cute (especially when they laugh through their virtual voice collars and shake their bums at the same time). Yup...fantastic movie....but wait!!! There also is a wonderful depiction of healthy marriage within the film. Carl and his wife loved each other so much and it showed. I cried when she died. If you watch one movie in your life, let it be this one! It does not disappoint, yet uplifts and inspires. It does not depend on zany kid humor, yet makes children and adults alike laugh.

Goob's Alice Review

First off I feel we must discuss Tim Burton. It's generally been accepted that either:
You LOVE him
You Hate him.

I usually love him. So I figured I'd appreciate this film too.

And BOY was I right!

(If you have generally hated him in the past, don't let that keep you from trying to understand him this time). :)

We all know we were anxious to see Johnny Depp play the Mad Hatter... it's very suiting.
I heard before hand that his acting was similar to that of other roles he's played, including Edward Scissorhands and Capt. Sparrow. I thought I would see more Willy Wonka than anyone. So you must take into consideration that I watched this movie with that judgement already in mind. However, it didn't affect to to much. I'm sure they knew that the Mad Hatter could come across as some other parts Depp has played and they were conscious to avoid too much similarity. I didn't just see one character of Depp's in the Hatter, but several small slices. And all of that made up the wonderful Hatter. He was scottish (which is where I think people confuse him with Sparrow), he was prophetic, he had a lisp, he got lost in thought (the wonka part), he was childish (the Edward part), he was funny, he was mumbling, he was dancing (which I loved!!!), he was all over the place, and yet you could see why Alice felt so much concern and friendship for him. He was lovable ( and quite mad, but the best people are :D).

Also, Alice... I was unsure what to feel about her at first. But... after the first few minutes of her on the screen, I was in Love! I knew we'd be best friends. She's quirky, random, full of impossible dreams and not usual. I like her.

Then of course, we have the wonderful role of the Queen of Hearts, played by Helena Bonham Carter.
She's fantastic! No sign of deatheater in her, although they share the love for killing people. She's was so humorous with her warm pigs and fat boys.

Anne Hathaway did great too. I don't know how really to express my approval of her as the White Queen, other than she played it perfectly.

The whole story was fantastic. Alice learned so much throughout her journey. She found herself and learned lessons that could have taken her so much longer in real life. If only we could all have dreams that taught us such lessons. However, I wish she would have convinced her brother in law to confess his infidelity to her sister.

I'd like to read the book to see how it compares. For now all I know is the story made complete sense, the characters were phenomenal (my favorite being the Hare... oh my goodness he's so Mad!), it was heart warming enough, hilarious, and thought provoking.

Plenty of thumbs up from me!

Robert's Alice in Wonderland!!...part 2

I guess my first post was a little vague but basically the point I want to bring across is that Tim Burton did an excellent job in remaking a classic story and putting his own twist on it. Too many critical close-minded heads have thrown this movie in a pit of angry whales, and they need to think their opinions through. That's all.

Robert's Alice in Wonderland!!

Hi...I'm Robert.

I just watched Alice in Wonderland and would have to say that all who gave negative reviews on the film based on their belief that the film lacked heart and happiness should think back on their decision and punch themselves in the face. I loved the movie!! It was humorous, interesting, well-played, and just plain fun. Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and all the talented voice actors put on a quirky and interesting performance (especially Johnny Depp).
Overall, it was a fun and exciting movie. Well animated, full of talented actors, and weird as anything you'll ever see.